Google News Update: AI Generated Content Will be Considered “Spam”

May 27, 2022 | Artificial Intelligence (AI) | 0 comments

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AI-generated content simply means computer-generated content. AI writing tools can generate content for marketing purposes. Some experts deem AI-generated content to be the future of content marketing.

But many including Google deems AI-generated content to be ‘Spam’. In this blog post, you will learn what exactly AI content generation is and why search engines consider it to be nothing more than spam.

AI Content Tools: What are They?

AI content tools are software that can generate content such as press releases and blog posts. AI content generation tools can generate various types of content. These can generate blog posts, blog ideas, business idea pitches, emails, landing pages, testimonials, stories, and many other types of content.

In 2010, AI content took a leap forward when OpenAI – a San Francisco-based nonprofit AI company – released a commercial version of Generative Pre-training (GPT-3).

The company claims that the software can generate human-like content at a fraction of the cost. The researchers had developed an unsupervised learning algorithm that picked up data available online to create content.

AI content generation tools mimic human behavior such as reasoning, decision making, and learning. They can generate unique content that looks as if written by a human copywriter. Below is the screenshot of the content generated by the AI content writing tool – Ryte.

AI content tool

AI content generation tools write content that is hard to distinguish from human-generated content. But the risks of the tools far outweigh the cost savings due to using the tools. Here are some of the reasons that you shouldn’t consider using AI content creation tools.


1. Considered Spam By Google


AI content generation tools are great at ‘fooling’ people into believing that the content is written by a human. But the fact is the content created by AI tools lacks depth and quality, which are important metrics for the search engine ranking of web content.

Google recently announced that AI-generated content violates its guidelines. According to Google representative John Mueller, the content generated by AI tools falls into the category of auto-generated content that can result in a Google penalty.

Google Webmaster guidelines specifically prohibit using content generated automatically. AI tools use tricks to generate content such as using synonyms, shuffling words around, and doing translations. As a result, Google considers content generated by such tools as spam.

According to Mueller, the web-spam team at Google can take action if they perceive that the content of the website is auto-generated. And this includes a Google penalty that can spell doom for a website.


2. Generates Nonsense


AI tools can generate content that is available on the net. The tools cannot analyze the text to determine the accuracy of information.

An article published in Nature.com cited the example of programmer Gwern Branwen who evaluated the GPT-3 language model. The following are some of the ‘nonsense’ text generated by OpenAI’s AI content generation tool.


3. Lacks Emotive Content


Content generated by an AI content tool may look great. But it generally lacks emotive quality. AI-generated content tools can analyze topics. But you cannot use the AI tools to write persuasive content that inspires or motivates people to make a purchase.

AI content creation tools can generate content that clearly describes a topic. But they cannot be used to create content that triggers a strong feeling.


4. Writes in Black & White


AI tools look at everything in binary content. It views a thing either as positive or negative. But the tool can’t analyze gray areas. They can’t give opinions regarding a product. The tools can’t write on complex topics that require human judgment and analysis.


5. Lack of Subjective Evaluation


AI content tools don’t have the capability of subjective evaluation. The content will not contain raise an argument against certain actions. AI tools cannot give opinions. They can’t match human-generated content when it comes to the customization of a topic.


6. Requires Human Intervention


Human vetting is important to ensure that the content generated by AI tools meets quality standards.

Human intervention is required in editing content generated by AI content tools. They can identify content that can harm the readers. The human content creators can expand on the content to make the information more valuable for the readers.

In most cases, using the tools can increase rather than decrease the cost involved in creating quality content that ranks.


7. Radicalized Content


AI-generated content can’t differentiate between different viewpoints. These can merely describe a topic based on available information. But the tools can’t analyze polarizing views.

Researchers associated with the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California found that the GPT-3 AI content generation tool can generate dangerous radicalized content. The tools can parrot Nazi propaganda, white supremacy, and conspiracy theorists.

The polarizing content generated by AI content creators can harm society. The researchers had found that AI content tools can generate topic responses to even seemingly innocuous topics.


Website owners should avoid using such tools as it is considered a shady SEO tactic. The content generated by AI tools does not meet quality standards. While the quality of the content is better than non-AI auto content creator tools, the content is still considered spam due to lack of depth.

Google wants to limit bot-generated content. It wants website owners to publish high-quality content that provides valuable information to users. There is no way AI-generating tools can verify facts. The big G has taken a negative stance against AI content tools to ensure users are presented with the best quality content on the search results page.

A human content writer cannot be replaced by AI content tools. Writing quality content requires a combination of complex analysis and creative thinking. AI tools can perform neither of these tasks in a satisfactory manner. The tools can describe a concept using historical patterns. But the auto-generated content will lack depth, personality, and sensitivity towards a particular topic.

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