As mentioned in a previous post on the our Web Design blog, Google Analytics – How Can It Help You?, one of the easiest ways to increase your traffic is to find out what it is that your readers are searching for within your site, through using Google Analytics to understand what terms they are using in their searches, and creating additional content on those subject matters.


Another way is to engage with your readership via email to learn what other subject matters they are interested in learning more about.

A common trend in blogging these days is to ‘start a conversation’ with your readers and keep it going, through email. To reiterate a thought from Gary Vaynerchuck, social media expert, you have to start a conversation with your readers. They want to be engaged and feel like they are developing a relationship with you. Long gone are the days of blasting your customers with copy and hoping to continue having a high conversion rate. So, what do you do?

  1. Use Google Analytics to understand your readers.
  2. Engage readers with a question through your weekly newsletter or the like and simply ask them if there is a topic they would like to know more about.
  3. Gather this information and analyze it for new topic ideas.

Of course, writing on every topic your readers send in may not be directly in line with the topic of your site so it is imperative that you regard this data with the data you obtained from Google Analytics in mind. Before you ask your audience a general question, use search data from Google Analytics to target certain subject matters that you think readers are already interested in. Then, after you send an email with two or three choices for future content on your site based on your research, you analyze the answers sent in by your audience to determine if you are seeing repeated terms. Chances are, your readership just decided on your next topic for you. The best part is, they practically chose this topic themselves so you are almost guaranteed interest.

Before you create your new article, however, be sure to use Google Adwords and the Keyword Planner Tool there to maximize the phrase or topic you just deducted from your audience. Use these keywords to craft a compelling title for an article in your site. If you’ve hit the nail on the head by writing quality content that is going to be useful to your readers with the best possible choice of keywords, high traffic levels should naturally result because it is a topic chosen by your audience, which you verified through common search terms and then maximized for organic traffic.

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