Huntsville SEO vs. Google Ad: Which Is Better?

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Huntsville SEO

The aim of creating a website is to connect with and engage online audiences. There is no point in owning a website if it gathers dust in cyberspace with no visitors.

Website owners have two options to increase online visibility and attract visitors: SEO and Google Adwords.

In this blog post, you will learn more about the two techniques for attracting online viewers to a site. After reading this post, you will learn which is better of the two in optimizing the visibility of your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves strategies to improve the ranking in search results. It involves both on-page and off-page strategies to boost search engine rankings.

On-page SEO consists of strategies to optimize the website content for search engine ranking. It involves adding relevant keywords in the website content, headings, and keywords. Moreover, it involves adding links to internal and high authority external webpages in the website content.

Designing a mobile-friendly responsive website and crafting informative content that makes people stick to the site is also a part of on-page SEO strategy.

In contrast, off-page SEO involves strategies to get traffic from relevant high authority sites. For instance, you can add your website link to Wikipedia articles, relevant forum, news sites, Google My Business, and social media profile to attract traffic.


The goal of SEO strategies is to funnel traffic towards your site so that Google along with other search engines rank your site high on the search results page.

In a sense, ranking on search engines is a popularity contest. Websites that are popular attain a higher ranking as compared to websites that receive few visitors.

SEO professionals strive to make your site visible in the search engine by optimizing keywords, link profile, and mentioning your webpage services in high authority sites.

Pros of SEO

SEO lets you appear at the top of the search engine for no cost at all. Your site will remain on the top page of search results even when you stop making payments to an SEO company.

Yet another benefit of SEO is that it will help you optimize your sites for many keywords. You don’t have to pay for optimizing each keyword.

Users trust firms with high organic search results. They are more likely to click on non-search results since they know that the content is authoritative and informative. These are the factors for a site to rank high on search results. So, you can gain more traffic with SEO as compared to Google Ads.


You won’t get instant results with SEO. Getting the first ranking on search results will take time. It may take anywhere between weeks to years to attain the top position on the search engine.

The drawback of SEO is that it takes a lot of time and effort. You have to get the help of a dedicated team to optimize your site for search rankings.

Google Advertising (Ad)

Google advertising (Ad) is an online advertising platform. The advertising platform allows individuals and businesses to advertise their websites to online viewers.

Google ad is based on a bid system. Website owners bid for different keywords to display on search results, non-search websites, videos, and mobile apps. Ads with the highest bid are displayed in the top position.

The online ads are generally displayed either at the side or the top of the search page and websites. Sometimes you can view the ads at the bottom of the webpage.

You can opt for Google pay per impression (PPI) or pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns. With PPI ads, you have to pay when users view your ad. In contrast, you pay when users click on the ad with PPC ads.

Pros of Google Ad

The obvious benefit of Google Ad is that you get instant results. Ads will display once you make the payments.

Another benefit of online search advertising is that your ad will get displayed on prominent sites that get a lot of traffic. This will help improve visibility and also attract qualified traffic to your site.

In addition, you have total control over the budget. You can set a monthly budget for your ads to run on Google. There is no minimum budget for advertising through Google Ad.


The obvious disadvantage of Google Ad is that you have to pay for the ads to be displayed online. You will attract traffic as long as you continue to make payment. Your website will not be visible online if you don’t make payment to attract visitors.

Another disadvantage of Google Ad is that the cost will be high if you deal with certain products and services. For instance, keywords related to the lawyer, financial services, plumbing, business software, and hair transplant are the most expensive.

Lastly, there is a matter of trust. A survey published on Moz found that most users clicked on local organic search rather than ads.  This means that you will have trouble attracting traffic towards your site with Google ads. The traffic will be much less with Google Ads – not to mention more expensive – as compared to traffic from organic search results.

Which is the Best Choice for Website Owners?

The answer to which is the best choice for website owners to attract online visitors is; it depends. Startups will benefit more from Google advertising in attracting visitors. Once a company is well established, SEO will provide a better Return on Investment (ROI).

Remember that SEO is a continuous activity. You should contact a professional SEO firm the day when you establish your company, and the activity should continue till the company exists. This is because organic search rankings will take time. However, once your site gets top search ranking for different keywords, it will result in free traffic towards your site.

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