Huntsville Web Design Tips for Video Production and Marketing Businesses

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Huntsville web design

Video production and marketing companies should focus on a website that makes their services stand apart from the competitor’s. The website must focus on fresh and creative content to impress online visitors.

In this post, Huntsville web design experts will share some tips to create the perfect website for video production and marketing businesses.

1. Strong Visual Element

A website of a creative agency such as a video production and marketing company should have a strong visual element. The website should contain high quality animations and illustrations that impress online visitors and keep them glued to the website.

Consider using colorful illustrations, bright colors, and unique fonts. You can also capture the attention of online visitors using infographics that highlight different aspects of your video production and marketing services.

Interactive animations and other visual elements will create a positive impression. You should also include case studies and portfolios to educate your customers. Also, consider adding testimonials, showreels, and demos of your work.

2. Focus on the Services

A creative website with fancy colors and animations can help get the attention of the visitors. But the website design won’t be effective in converting if users have difficulty finding out about the agency’s services.

A user will likely close the website if useful information is not visible. You need to make sure that the information about the services is clearly presented. Keep the message about the services distinct and evident. It is a good idea to link the video production services to the current portfolio and exemplify the services with real-life applications.

3. Clean Website Layout

Huntsville custom web design

The website design of a creative agency should be clean yet modern. It should have a flat aesthetic with intuitive navigation. A clean and modern website is recommended to ensure fast page load speed.

The website should have a uniform style and structure. The design and architecture of the website should create a positive user experience (UX). It should have an easily navigable user interface.

Your website content should also be properly formatted. A large blob of text with no formatting will create a negative impression.

In order to make a good impression, you should use headings to break up content and make it easy to scan and read. Also, make sure to keep paragraphs small and use lists to make the content easy to understand.

4. Use the Right Font

Fonts you choose for a website will impact the readability of the website. You should select a font that is easily readable on the screen.

The font size of the website content should not be less than 16px. Moreover, you should use sans-serif fonts as they are easier to read.

Cursive or handwritten fonts look great for creative websites. But you should use them sparingly and stick with standard fonts like New Times Roman, Calibri, and Ariel for most of the website content.

5. Huntsville Custom Web Design

The purpose of designing a website for a creative agency is to grab the attention of users. You cannot achieve this goal by using a free website template. The website should focus on displaying the originality of your video production and marketing services.

Huntsville custom web design services will allow you to prove your expertise to prospective customers. With a custom website design, you can showcase your portfolio in a distinct and unique way. You will be able to create a unique brand image with a custom website design.

6. Engage with the Online Visitors

The tone of the website should be appropriate for the target audience. The right tone can help in engaging with your online visitors. If most of your customers are large corporate clients, the content should be formal. The tone can be quirky and funny if you want to target start-ups and individuals.

Additionally, you should add a blog section to the website that explains the video production and marketing services. The blogs can be about recent work, industry news, or any interesting information for your target audience.

Another tip for engaging with your online visitors is to add interactive animations. Experienced Huntsville website design experts can make customized and interactive animations for your website.

The purpose of engaging with online visitors is to keep them visiting your website. It can also help in creating a brand image and generate leads.

7. Mobile Friendly Responsive Website

Huntsville custom web design

Whether you design a custom website or select one from a library, make sure that it is responsive and displays correctly across different platforms.

A mobile friendly website adapts to the size of the screen. It creates a positive user experience across different devices. You can use Bing or Google online tools to check if your website is mobile friendly.

Make sure that your website is easy to navigate using the fingers. The website content should be easy to read on a small screen without the need to zoom in.

Smartphone users should be able to navigate the website using a single finger. Your website content is not optimized if users have to pinch with two fingers to zoom in on the content.

Additionally, the buttons of the website should not be too small. Uses should be able to easily click on the buttons on their touchscreen devices. The average size of an adult index finger is between 15 and 20 mm, which translate to 45 and 57 pixels respectively. A rule of thumb should be to give buttons about 50 pixels space for selection.

The Bottom Line

A website for a creative agency should have a strong visual element. At the same time, the website should be easy to navigate with proper formatting.

Online visitors also expect ease of finding relevant information on a website. Moreover, the website design should offer a unified viewing experience across different platforms.

Contact Huntsville web design experts to create a custom website for your business. Experienced website design professionals will help you create a website that will attract visitors. A professional custom website will help create a positive impression on your customers.


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