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Website localization involves creating a localized experience. Website localization aims to create an experience that appeals to individuals in specific areas. It involves designing a website and customizing content based on location.

You should localize the experience for online users since it will create a positive impact on customers. According to research, nearly 72.4 percent of online customers prefer to buy products from websites that display localized content.

Localization goes beyond just translating the website content. Here you will learn exactly how you can create a local experience for your website viewers.

Localized Website Design: A Winning Huntsville Website Design Strategy

Localization is all about creating the best content for online users in different locations. It will help reduce barriers to customer purchases.

Personalizing the website experience based on geographical location, culture, or religion will create a more positive experience for online users. It will create a more positive customer experience resulting in increased conversion rates.

To create localized experiences, the layouts, blogs, language, and typography have to be modified. You will have to consider the cultural nuances, slang, religions, and other factors to improve the online user experience.

Localized website design involves using local currency and date formats. In addition, it involves creating new content for each location that feels more authentic to the readers. Here are some tips to create the best-localized website experience for your online users.

Localized Website Content Plan

The foremost step in designing a localized website is to create a website content plan. It involves researching to find out about the environment and cultural nuances specific to a particular location.

Creating a local website content plan will help save time later on required to develop a website. The overall aim is to make sure that every aspect of a webpage is localized creating a positive user experience.

Localized Keywords

Localization involves using phrases that appeal to the local audiences. You should mention local cities and resources in the website content. You want to not just include localized keywords in the content but also Meta details.

You need to research keywords with the most average searches in a particular location. Google Keyword Planner allows you to search for keywords in specific locations. You can hone in on keywords with the most impression in your target market.

Customized to Local Queries

Another important tip for creating a localized website experience is to customize the content based on the most searched queries.

You can use Google Trends to find out the most searched queries in the country. You should also carry out localized Google Search to find out frequently used search queries.

Google search result

High-Quality Translations

You must hire a professional translator to translate your website content. Don’t rely on Google Translate as it leads to inaccurate translation.

Content that is not properly translated will create a negative user experience. A professional translator will make sure that the content contains words and phrases used in a particular location. It will create a positive impression on online users that will boost time spent on the website and conversions.

Hreflang Tags

Hreflang tags tell search engine bots about the language of website content. Adding the tags will help ensure that your website appears in local search queries.

Providing Hreflang tags will help boost the online visibility of your website. Search engines will display the proper version of the website automatically to the target users.

Without the tags, Google will automatically determine the correct version of the website to display to online users. The problem is that it may not always display the appropriate version to users in a specific location.

Quality Check

Quality check is important to ensure that the localized version of the website meets the requirements of local users.  The process is generally carried out once the website is localized to identify any shortcomings.

You want to make sure that there is cohesiveness in the content. It is important to ensure the website functions as expected with no errors. You need to carry out a QC check to make sure that there are no issues regarding the localized website function.

The effort in making the website error-free is worth every penny. It will ensure a flawless online user experience that will reflect positively on your business.

Localization First Approach

A localized-first approach involves designing the website based on the requirements of individuals in specific locations. It differs from the traditional approach where the content is localized after the design of the website.

Companies tend to think about creating content for one location. They customize the content for each location by adding copies of a single page. But this approach is more costly in the long run. You might introduce bugs in the new version that will create a negative online user experience.

The best approach is to think about localization right from the start. It involves thinking about layouts and images that are appropriate based on the location.

You must use the expertise of translators from the start. Involve them in the process of creating a website for each location. This may increase the cost of website design. But the increased cost is worth it due to improved user interaction and conversions.

Final Remarks

Localized website design will help in capturing the interest of local online users. They will find the content to be relatable that will help in gaining their trust. You can create committed long-term customers through localized content.

A website must have localized visual elements in the content. This will have a positive impact on the conversion rate of the website. It will help improve organic search results that will improve the search engine ranking of the website.

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