12 Website Design Styles Trending in 2022

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Website designers and owners need to remain updated about the latest design trends. This is important to create the best impression on online visitors.

Following are a few selected website design trends for 2022.

1. Gaudy Design

One of the defining aesthetics of 2022 will be gaudy and showy website design. The design represents a step away from minimalism toward a more colorful and adventurous design. It involves pairing different shapes and patterns to create a more artistic impression.

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The gaudy website design is a reaction to the overwhelmingly uniform appearance of the minimalistic design. Many website designers are unleashing their creativity to create an explosion of colors and shapes that are intended to impress online visitors.

2. One-Page Website

The one-page website has only a single web page containing all the important information. The website design forgoes navigation links and menus. The focus of the website design trend is on simplicity and convenience for the users.

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The one-page website design represents simplicity, order, and conciseness. All the content is on a single page which makes it easier to create and navigate. Moreover, using a single-page design simplifies the message. It allows you to guide readers through important elements of the webpage.

The one-page design allows the main content to be highlighted. The website design is best for online businesses with a narrow subject matter. It allows designers to design creative work.

3.  Big and Bold Typography

Another website design style that is getting popular is using bold typography. It consists of using large fonts that serve as a standout design element. The website design involves large images with bold typography.

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Large typography makes the text stand out. The text becomes a graphic element that takes center stage. The typography becomes the focal point of the website. But website designers need to create a balance between the scale and size for the best impression.

4. Inclusive Website Design

Inclusive website design includes due deliberation in every aspect of the design. It involves selecting the tone, colors, and fonts that appease all viewpoints, interests, and experiences.

An example of inclusive website design is the use of fictional characters that represent an alternate reality. The website can have a cool element by implementing the Sonic the Hedgehog theme. A plumbing website can have a Mario theme.

Similarly, the use of gender-neutral colors can provide diversity in website design. Incorporating an inclusive website design involves an alternate reality where the core of what is real is questioned.

5. Bold Contrast

Website design with bold contrast is also trending this year. Stark contrast with a black or grey background and white font color bring the message to the front.

The main element in making the design element work is testing with different effects. A subtle hover animation can add interactivity and engagement to website design.

6. Three Dimensional Design

Three-dimensional design elements are also trending in 2022. The design involves incorporating design techniques such as Penrose tribar or irrational cubes to impress the online viewers. Other elements of a three-dimensional design include shadows, layers, and animations to create a sense of depth.

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7. Abstract Images

Adding abstract images is also becoming a website design trend. Website designers mix and match different mediums to create awe-inspiring designs.

Mixing and matching organic textures with hand-drawn notes also create a welcoming contrast. It adds an abstract element to the graphic design that results in a positive impression.

8. Straight Lines

Website designers are adding lines to organize sections. The line element is used for headers, heading, and even caption. Line work provides a retro effect providing flair and weight to the design. It is about creating dynamic lines for a positive visual impact.

Structured lines make the website content look organized. It also modernizes the website by creating an appearance similar to a mobile app. The design with bold black lines gives an appearance of a magazine. Each section can be separated by colored lines to create a retro graphic effect.

9. Smart Content Loading

Most websites now incorporate smart loading. The design element involves downloading the content that you see instead of the entire website. This saves valuable seconds when loading the website. Faster page load results in an improved website navigation experience.

Smart content loading elements of the website as a user browses through the website. The content is loaded as the user scrolls down the website. This results in an improved website navigation experience.

10. Personalized Website Content

Geolocation feature allows display of personalized websites according to the location of the user. It involves the display of a specific version of a website with colors and other design elements personalized to the location.

For instance, a specific theme will be shown when the user accesses a website located in Switzerland, and another theme will be displayed when a user is located in Ukraine. A personalized website results in a positive impression on the online viewers.

11. Lead Generation Forms

A lot of websites such as HubSpot are using online forms to generate leads. The forms are a type of marketing tool to generate leads that can be followed up to convert to customers.

A lead generation form should not contain a lot of fields. It should contain only the most important information such as name, phone number, and email. Avoid including fields that are not important such as date of birth, gender, company name, and size.

Integrating lead generation forms will also allow you to identify users who come back to the website. The website can display information based on past browsing history.

12. Chatbots

Chatbots are also becoming a trend in website design. Adding chat bots provides convenience to online users. They can communicate with the customer representative to ask about the product or services whenever they want.

Chatbots improve the conversion rates of the website. It increases the chances that customers will purchase from the website. This can result in a positive impact on the profitability of the company.


Keeping up to date with the latest website design trends is a sure-fire way to capture the attention of online audiences. It will help your website appear fresh and polished among a multitude of competing websites.

The website design trends listed in this post represent an opportunity for website owners to improve their outdated designs. The effort will certainly pay off in terms of a positive impression on online viewers.

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