How to Design a Landing Page that Converts?

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A landing page of a website contains specialized content with a specific goal. The goal of a landing page can be anything such as convincing them to sign up for a newsletter or buy a product or service. But it is important that the landing page is optimized to achieve the specified goals.

Online companies that optimize the landing page experience over 16 percent increase in conversion rate. But how do you know what are the critical sections of a landing page? How should you market the landing page? We will address these questions and more relating to optimizing landing pages for improved conversion.

1. Create an Attractive Offer

You must create an attractive value proposition for the target users who arrive at the landing page. There should always be some kind of offer on the landing page. You should also tell them about the benefits of the offer for the target market.

Ask yourself what is the goal of the landing page. This will help you in creating the right offer for the users. Some of the things you can offer to the customers that will increase conversions include:

  • Limited time deals
  • Discount on offers
  • Registration for a free course or webinar
  • Ebook or whitepaper
  • Free consultation
  • Pre-launch party

The right offer will entice your target market to take action. It will point to the right direction that will benefit them in one way or another.

2. Organized Layout

An organized layout of the landing page is important to have an impact on the target users. It is important that the landing page should be well designed. The main goal of the Huntsville web design for landing pages is to make it easy for customers to skim through different sections of the content.

Every element of the website should be cohesive that guides online users to take a specific action. The design should be in alignment with the goal of the landing page that could be filling a form, entering emails, or downloading digital content.

Make sure that the landing page color and theme is appropriate. Colors such as green and red generally lead to improved conversion rates. There should also be proper contrast between the background and content.

You should test different versions of the website through A/B testing. This will help you find out about the ideal image placement, color, and other elements of the landing page.

3. Create an Eye-Catching Headline

The headline you create will have an impact on the number of visitors who visit and go through the landing page. You must make sure that your headline contains action verbs. The goal should be to arouse the curiosity of readers and make them read the content of the webpage from start till finish.

Active words are important for effective headlines. Avoid passive words as they tend to be bland and boring. You must also keep the headline simple. Don’t use technical jargons or lingo in the headline as they will alienate your readers.

4. Keep the Design Simple

Make sure that the landing page website design is simple. Avoid distractions such as pop ups or banners as they create a negative impression.

The landing page should provide all the important information required by the target market to make an informed decision. Too much information that is not necessary regarding the product or service offering will overwhelm and confuse the visitors.

Keep only the essential information that will guide the visitors to take action. The design should be such that it will make it easy for the visitors to scan the content. The aim of the landing page design should be to guide users down the sales funnel.

Consider dividing content into sections or subheadings. Also, use bullet points wherever appropriate for easy comprehension of the visitors.

The design of the landing page should be clean and simple. The key information should be placed above the director line-of-vision of the customers for maximum impact. Extra information that are not necessary for the visitors can be placed below the fold. Visitors who want to know more will scroll down to know more about the offer.

Remember that a good landing page design is simple and clean that provides necessary information in a non-intrusive manner. Videos in the landing page are also a good idea to keep the landing page design simple. You should also consider highlighting important parts of the page with appropriate colors or fonts.

5. Explain the Benefits in Clear Terms

Most visitors would be interested to know how they will benefit from the offer presented on the landing page. You need to make the benefit clear to the visitors. Explain how the visitors can benefit from taking a desired action.

You can create one line statements with action words when telling about the benefits. For instance, ‘Enjoy quality time with family!’, ‘Call now for a better tomorrow’, ‘Make the most of the limited offer deal by calling us today”. Use impressionable words to convince your visitors that the offer is worth pursuing.

6. Make Use of Positive Signals

You goal for the landing page content is to not just impress but also to gain trust of the online audience. Consider using positive signals to make your offer trustworthy. Citing research is important to gain trust and reassure the visitors about the benefits of your value proposition.

Positive signals can also be in the form of testimonials. Moreover, it can be in the form of a like button. Endorsement from actual and potential customers can be a great way to boost trust about your product or service offering.

You can also install trust badges on the landing page. These can be logos of known brands who are your partners or customers. They can also be professional bodies relating to your specific industry.

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